RHS seed list

A couple of weeks ago, the seed of Deschampsia cespitosa was sown in the propagator. The seed was part of the annual order we send to the RHS seed list scheme.

Available to all RHS members, the scheme gives access to unusual seeds collected in the RHS gardens around the UK. For just £10 you receive 20 packets of seed you choose from their comprehensive list, and these are sent out in spring.

Even though the deschampsia are from last years seeds, the germination rate was fantastic, with over 150 tiny little plants now nestled in their own modules to grow on. Not to mention the other 19 packets, it is well worth the money, especially as some of the seed is quite difficult to buy elsewhere! Other unusual little grasses now germinating are Ampelodesmos mauritanus, and Melica ciliata, both little known but sure to turn heads when the are big enough for the garden...

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