Pruning our (very large) wisteria

Every February and July we prune the very large wisteria which covers the front of the Manor.

When I say 'we', I really mean the royal 'we' as Tony the gardener is the bravest one of us to clamber up the scaffold tower to carry out this task. (you can spot him in the photo at the top, which shows the scale of the job!)

This time of year it gets a hard prune, back to just 2 or 3 buds from the main framework. At this time of year the buds have started swelling, so they are easy to spot where to cut back to. Any long, whippy growth is also cut back, which may have been missed in the summer prune. The reason why we give it another prune in July is to shorten the whippy growths to about 30cm from the framework to allow more light to the wood, helping the flower buds gather energy for next years show - and what a show!

You will have to wait with anticipation until the photos are taken, but unfortunately you won't be able to appreciate the gorgeous scent wafting on the breeze...

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