Summer Gardening Course

Last week we held our Summer Gardening Course for beginners, and was fully booked. 12 people attended, which give ample time to dedicate to their questions and show them hands on techniques.
This course covered Summer pruning, and we went into the garden to have a hands on session on our tree paeony, paeonia delavayi var. lutea and viburnum farrerii.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the day, and all the feedback was positive. The sun even came out so we carried out the nodal and inter nodal cuttings on the lawn in the dappled shade of the copper beech tree, which was really quite pleasant.

On every course, a home cooked lunch is provided by Lady Bowman-Shaw in the Manor house, a treat for the gardeners too! Thanks to all the attendees for their great feedback and also to Julie and Ann the TM gardeners who helped on the day.