Fog.... and more Fog

A few weeks ago (in December) the whole garden and estate was shrouded in fog for days. Flights started to back up at the airports, and the whole world had gone quiet. High pressure does a wonderful job of creating a sense of stillness and quiet in the garden. I love this atmosphere, even though its so cold going down the drive on the bicycle!

Then the sun starts to seep through the murk and walking around the garden looks completely different - I guess you are only focusing on the ground as these is a white blanket above, so details seem to jump out at you much more. There is little you can do outside on days like these where the frost doesnt lift, so its a good chance for us to tidy the greenhouses and vinery.


Nature Girl said...

I loved these images particularly the spider web! Thank you for sharing!
Happy New Year to you!:)NG

KathrynR1402 said...

The images are beautiful! I remember sitting in the bothy in this weather chopping kindling for the House, getting very bored but hot by the roaring fire! I wasnt well enough to to the other jobs! We caught a lot of mice that winter and chalked them up above the door (moles were chalked up separately)!