Onion sets or onion seeds?

Which will be better onions - those grown from seed or from sets?

To settle this dilema, this year we shall be growing one onion from seed (Red Baron) - and one from sets (Snowball). The sets arrived in Feburary and were planted in multi-purpose compost in pots on the 8th, the seeds were sown in March in the heated greenhouse.

So place your bets now....


Sigrun said...

Linette, what a wonderful surprise to find your blog (gardenvoices). I love Britain with all its gardens, and go to Britain almost each year. So I like to see what you do at the Manor garden.


linette applegate said...

Thankyou sigrun!

When you are next visiting Endland you shall have to come and see the garden in all its summer glory.


Sigrun said...

Linette, we will do so, next year!