Mowing grass for the first time

Last week, the weather was perfect to start getting the lawns ready for spring (when it does finally arrive). Although the grass is not growing just yet, it does grow a little over winter, so to neaten it up we cut it very lightly.

Using our John Deere 755, which has a grass collection system, we can effectively hoover up any debris such as leaves and cones from the lawns.

As it has been so windy, the grass was lovely and dry, so out I ventured, wrapped up in several layers to keep warm, and mowed all our lawns. The previous day I had used a pedestrian rotary mower for the same reason on all our smaller lawns.

Its always lovely to smell the grass cutting for the first time of the year. Even with 5 layers and a woolly hat on!


Carol said...

Oh how beautiful to find a blog about an old English manor garden!:D
Hi Linette I'm a friend of Sigrun from Germany and have also just found your blog through Gardenvoices!
I hope to be able to visit one day and until that day I'm happy to read about your garden works here and I'm looking forward to your photos and descriptions!
I hope you don't mind me adding you to my link list on the side bar of my blog, so I can find your blog much quicker. Kind regards Carol

linette applegate said...

Carol, I shall keep you posted with many photos! It shows how hard the gardeners work, even through the winter, to prepare for the summer months when the garden looks its best. We have our open day on 29th May 2006, if you can make it - the garden is really looking perfect then.